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Thank you very much for delivering the patches for Axel today. Both of us are so thankful that the patches work so well, and that even the nursing home approved them.
– Kim & Axel
As an arthritis sufferer with Diabetes II for many years, I was skeptical that the patches would provide pain relief as well as the many other benefits it prints on their label. My daughter tried the patches after she injured her shoulder when she fell from her skateboard. She raved about the pain relief as well as reducing swelling and discomfort she experienced when she used the patches on her shoulder and lower back. I agreed after hearing her story I would give the patches a try to see if they would work for my symptoms too. To my surprise and relief, my experience was a success too. My knees felt much better and my arthritis pain was greatly reduced. I would recommend these patches to anyone. And I’ve already passed on the great results to several friends who are anxious to give them a try. Don’t wait to try this wonderful product it works! 
– Jillian and Dawn 
I am 63 years old and have peripheral neuropathy which means I have intense pain in my feet 24/7 and I’m incapable of doing normal things most people do like go for a walk or stand and chat with a friend. I’ve tried all the prescription drugs available for this condition, none of which work very well. So I tried Skin Worx CBD transdermal patches. I now use them every day, as they are the only medication that provides any kind of relief at all. Though the pain is not completely gone the patches allow me to be active for a few hours a day. Without them, I’d be laying on the couch all day long which is no life at all. In a sense, the patches saved my life because constant, intractable pain slowly takes away all the things that make life worth living such as relationships with friends and family. The owner and personnel at Skin Worx have gone out of their way to make patches available and to work with me on a formulation that is most helpful for my condition. They are a stellar company to work with and I am grateful every single day for the work they do.
– Fred

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